Gastric Bypass Surgery, the Obese and Type 2 Diabetes

Friday 26th February 2010

The risk of type 2 diabetes is even more predominant in the overweight and obese; but there are many exceptions to the case. Therefore, Dr Francesco Rubino has begun an investigation into the relationship between type 2 diabetes and obesity to try and establish whether there are other characteristics that could be tested for and just how the remission of diabetes appears triggered through gastric bypass surgery.

Dr. Rubino of the New York Presbyterian Hospital explains that the relationship between type 2 diabetes and obesity really isn’t clear cut; meaning that someone with a low Body Mass Index (BMI) could suffer from the disease, yet a severely obese patient may not even develop it. Current guidelines for gastric surgery rely on the body mass index of patients; but Dr. Rubino questions whether this is enough to determine who should and should not be receiving the surgery.

What is more puzzling is the fact that in some patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes before the gastric bypass surgery will then find post-surgery that they are able to maintain a healthy blood sugar level, and sometimes without medication. Dr. Rubino questions just what happens to the diabetes post-surgery; is it simply cured? Previous surgeries and treatments for diabetes have been no where near as successful as this. It begins to beg the question as to whether this type of surgery is the answer to diabetes which is worryingly increasing worldwide. He also suggests that people need to begin thinking of diabetes as a chronic illness as opposed to a lifestyle issue, as lifestyle issues are treated with less concern and care and both are important factors in the treatment of diabetes.

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