Gene Test Could Aid Weight Loss

Wednesday 22nd September 2010

A new test that claims to analyse your genes in order to determine the best diet and exercise programme to achieve weight loss, has now been made available to slimmers in the US by Inherent Health.

Analysing cheek epithelial tissue swabbed from the mouth, the genetic test profiles five variations on three genes. After the genetic results have been examined, slimmers are then advised as to their inherent dieting woes and how to best avoid associated pitfalls.

Researchers at Stanford University found that women using the Inherent test and following the diet and exercise programmes recommended by their gene test result grouping, lost three times more weight than non-gene-tested slimmers.

However, critics warn that the test may not accurately accurately profile genes linked to weight loss and weight gain as the home-kit is not designed to analyse levels of FTO – the so called 'junk food' gene which has been directly linked to obesity.

And David Haslam of the National Obesity Forum has expressed concern that the test may encourage dieter's to blame genetics, and not diet and exercise, for their unhealthy body weight. Which, Haslam argues, may discourage slimmers from adopting healthy lifestyle habits that could improve their well-being and general health, not just their waistline.

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