Lunchtime Calorie Crackdown

Wednesday 9th June 2010

Put down that lunchtime sandwich as experts warn that a shop-bought snack may contain as much salt as nine packets of crisps or as many calories as a burger and chips. Consumer watchdog Which? has revealed that seemingly healthy lunch-time staples including salads and sandwiches could be exceptionally high in fat, calories and salt. The watchdog has raised concerns that consumers may be overloading on waist-widening calories that could badly affect their health.

Which? found that salad and sandwich dressings used in shop-bought lunch meals were rich in calorie laden oils and mayonnaise. The watchdog has advised consumers to make their own working lunch in order to avoid damage to their health and waist-lines.

The news comes just months after government officials announced they were looking into implementing a 'fat tax' that could see calorie rich snacks becoming increasingly expensive.

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