Slowing Fat Digestion Could Cause Weight Loss

Monday 23rd August 2010

Scientists at the Institute of Food Research have discovered a new way to slow fat digestion that could be used to help slimmers feel fuller for longer. The groundbreaking research has seen food researchers use proteins to slow the digestive breakdown of emulsions in popular foods including mayonnaise, ice-cream and soup.

Researchers explain that slowing the digestion of fatty emulsion compounds results in higher levels of fatty acids reaching the body's small intestine during digestion, which then triggers hormones that could significantly reduce food cravings by causing the body to feel fuller.

The food scientists explain that in addition to generating a feeling of fullness, emulsion compounds also seem to react with whey proteins, causing them to break down quicker. Researchers hope to further study the importance of emulsions in fat digestion and hope, that in the near future, slimmers can benefit from therapies that will use fat digestion and emulsion compounds to curb overeating.

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