Soybeans Aid Slimming

Sunday 4th April

New research shows that soybeans can be successfully used to aid slimming. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that a number of soy proteins acted to limit the accumulation of body fat. The same soy proteins are also thought to be successful anti-inflammatories. Researchers now hope that these findings can developed and used to help tackle growing levels of obesity.

Soy is known to be a source of protein that is rich in peptides proven to make people feel fuller after eating. However, this new research has been able to identify the individual soy proteins that are especially adept in fighting fat. The researchers have identified soy that is low in glycinins and high in beta-conglycinins as being particularly rich in proteins and peptides that inhibit the storage of fat by the body’s fat cells. The soy proteins work by suppressing a fatty acid called synthase that, left unchecked, allows fat to build. And the scientists also noted that levels of a hormone that works to metabolise fat dramatically increases when fat cells are digested alongside the specially identified soy proteins.

The research team also found that the fat fighting soy proteins also had anti-inflammatory benefits as the soy proteins contained peptides that blocked inflammation causing enzymes produced as part of the body’s automatic immune response.

The researchers are now carrying out human trials with soy milk rich in the identified fat fighting proteins. The team have already been able to identify the genetic markers of the slimming soy proteins that will enable farmers to grow and cultivate crops rich in the fat fighting soy proteins in the near future. Elvira de Mejica, who lead the research, has said that the research could lead to the creation of food products that will help slimmer’s to lose weight.

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