Unplanned Pregnancy Choices

Finding out you are pregnant when you weren’t trying for a baby can be a real shock and a frightening situation to find yourself in.  You might not be in a stable relationship or you might feel you are too young to become a mum.  Whatever your personal circumstances you will want to know what your options are.

Continuing with the Pregnancy

For many women there is no doubt in their minds that they must carry on with the pregnancy and for some they are convinced that they will bring the child up themselves.  It may be that family and friends have offered their support and this confirms that you feel you will be able to cope. However, continuing with your pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to be a mum once the baby is born though.  There are other options available to you and your baby when it arrives.

Fostering or Adoption

One option available to you after giving birth to your baby is adoption or fostering.  This means that you do not end your pregnancy but once the baby arrives you will give it up for adoption or fostering. 

Adoption means that your baby will live and be brought up forever by ‘new’ parents and you will have no say in how or where your baby is brought up.  You will not be able to contact your baby one they have been adopted.  Adoption is a legal process and you will cut all legal ties with your child.

Fostering is less permanent and it means that your baby will be placed with a foster carer who will bring up your child alongside you and your local authority.  It has no legal contract like adoption does.  It may mean that in the future you may be able to take over the caring responsibilities of your child yourself and become a family.

For more information on fostering and adoption you can either contact your local social services department or the British Association of Adoption and Fostering or Adoption UK Charity.

Having a Termination or Abortion

Continuing with your pregnancy may not be an option for you.  You might just feel too scared to even think about having the baby so continuing with your pregnancy may not be an option for you.  Everyone is different and what is the right decision for one woman may not be the right one for you.  This is where the role of all the support, advice and guidance comes in from the professional counsellors at specialist clinics. These specially trained counsellors will support you through the decisions you will have to make and explain to you all the options and the pros and cons, of each.  They will discuss the different abortion options you can have and what will happen during the procedure. The types of abortion procedure you may have depends on how many weeks pregnant you are and if you want to be awake or asleep. If you have any medical conditions, this may also affect which types of abortions you can have.

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