Abortion Clinic Licensing

In the UK all abortion clinics have to be licensed.  This makes sure that you will get the best care possible and that you can access an abortion safely and legally. 

All NHS Clinics are granted automatic licences due to the nature and set up of the Health Service.

For private clinics to gain a licence to be able to offer abortions they must contact the Care Quality Commission who can arrange to register the clinic if it meets with the Care Standards Act 2000.

One the clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission it has to agree to follow the standards set by the Abortion Act and the Care Standards Act.  If it meets the requirements of these acts it will be granted a licence to perform abortions.  

Private clinics must also meet the Regulations for Independent Health Care and the Procedures For The Approval Of Independent Sector Places For The Termination of Pregnancy.

Licences can be withdrawn if a clinic fails to comply with the standards of these Acts.

To make sure the clinic you are going to attend is licensed you can visit the Department of Heath website.

Once a clinic has been licensed, the Department of Health carries out regular spot checks.  These visits to the premises are unannounced and are aimed to offer the clinic advice and guidance for offering a consistently good service.  They also make sure that the clinic meets the requirements set out by the Abortion Act.

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