Abortion Cost

In many areas abortions are available for free on the NHS and carried out at a NHS hospital or specialist abortion clinic. Your GP (if you are happy to talk to him/her) or local family planning service will be able to refer you for a free NHS abortion. You may even be able to make an NHS appointment at an abortion clinic yourself.

You can also choose to pay for a private abortion. Costs for private abortions depend on how many weeks pregnant you are which abortion type you decide to have. Some women choose to pay for abortion care as it can be quicker to get an appointment and they may feel more comfortable contacting the clinic directly rather than seeing their GP and waiting for NHS referral. 

If you are considering a private abortion you may be wondering how much it will cost.

Are Private Abortions Expensive?

The costs of an abortion vary depending on how many weeks the pregnancy is are and what type of abortion you choose.  If you are only a few weeks pregnant you may find that it is cheaper than if you were further along into your pregnancy.

There are many clinics that can offer you an abortion, all of which must be licensed, and the costs typically range from £500 for the abortion pill that you can take up to nine weeks to about £800 for abortions up to 18 weeks.  For abortions after 18 weeks you can expect to pay up to £2000. 

Paying for a Private Abortion

You will be expected to pay for your abortion in full prior to the procedure being carried out.  Payment methods are flexible as you can pay by credit or debit card, cash or cheque.  Many clinics recognise that the costs can be a lot to pay all at once so some clinics offer a payment plan where you can pay pre-set amounts during each stage of your treatment.

Appointment Times & Costs

Before you can have abortion you will have to have a consultation. Often this consultation can be on a separate day to the actual procedure. Private abortion clinics are often able to organise consultation and the procedure on the same day and to help you make your appointments at a time that fits in with your life to cause minimum disruption.  They may also offer be able to offer you a weekend appointment. Once you have paid for your abortion all aftercare services, check ups and counselling services are free.

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