Professional Abortion Support

Asking the advice of your friends and family is one thing and it can be very useful especially when you need their support but when making a decision about having an abortion you will have professional support and advice.

Professionally trained counsellors are made available to anyone considering having an abortion and they are with you every step of the way.  Your counsellor will be able to explain all your options to you in an unbiased way and help you understand what will happen if you choose to have an abortion.  They will not steer you or tell you what to do but may help you look at things from a different angle in order to ensure you have considered all aspects of your situation.
Your counsellor will not judge you, or sway your decision.  They are only there to offer you the support you need at a very difficult time of your life. 

Abortion Support Availability

Many abortion providers offer 24 hour access to support whether it is over the phone or online.  You may find these channels useful as they are available when you need them and there is no need for a face to face meeting which can seem daunting for some women.  These alternative channels may be an ideal solution for you if you feel embarrassed or ashamed as you can talk to someone who won’t make you feel like that and can help you overcome those feelings.

Counselling Centres

The counselling suites are designed in such a way to offer a relaxed and comforting environment where you won’t feel intimidated or worried about sharing your feelings.  Your meetings and discussions remain private and confidential so you can feel reassured that nothing will be passed on unless you want it to.

Counselling – Your Choice

You may choose not to speak with a counsellor and that is your decision.  You won’t be forced to see one or speak with one if you don’t want to although their unbiased approach may be useful if you are not sure about your decision.

Counselling Availability Throughout Treatment

Your counsellor and your clinics counselling service is available to you from the initial consultation appointment through your treatment and after you have had your treatment.  In most cases you will see the same counsellor in order to build a relationship and get the most from it.  Your emotions will vary during each stage of the process so it is important to be able to talk these through when you need to. Every woman feels differently so there is no right or wrong way to be feeling.

Telling your GP about your Abortion

You may have visited your GP initially to discuss the option of having an abortion but if you have gone straight to a private clinic your GP may not know that you are even pregnant.  Your clinic is bound by patient confidentiality and is not allowed to tell anyone, even your GP, about your abortion unless you have given your permission for them to do so.
Your clinic may recommend that you give your permission for them to pass on your abortion notes to your GP or advise you to visit your GP yourself.  This is so your abortion can be added to your medical records in case there are any future complications that may have resulted from the abortion.
You may be concerned about visiting your GP to ask for an abortion in case someone you know sees you or your GP is a family friend.  Be assured that your GP cannot divulge any of your medical information to anyone without your permission. 
It may be that your GP does not approve of abortions, in this case they must refer to you a GP who can help you.  If you have had an abortion privately you can send them your notes without being there in person. Alternatively, you can contact a private clinic directly and refer yourself.
You may decide to go directly to a private abortion clinic as you will feel confident that the people who work there are not against abortion and are sympathetic to your circumstances.  You will also know that they are professionals experienced in that field.

Will my GP tell my Parents?

Your GP is not allowed to tell your parents or anyone else about your medical history and that includes whether you have had an abortion.  They may suggest you speak with your family so they can provide you with the support you will need but they will not force you to or tell them on your behalf without your permission. 

Doctors, nurses and other health workers are not allowed to give out information about you without your consent unless they think that you are in danger. In these exceptional cases they would try to discuss it with you first.

I am under 16 – will my GP help me?

If you are under 16 and have contacted your GP in the first instance to ask for an abortion they may ask you to bring a responsible adult with you if they deem it necessary.  If they believe you are capable of making the decision by yourself they may only suggest you bring an adult along for support.

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