Reasons for having an Abortion

There are many different reasons for considering or having an abortion and everyone’s opinions and beliefs are different.  Your decision will be personal to you and you should decide what is right for you without feeling under pressure. It can be a difficult and upsetting time for some women.

Abnormalities with the Foetus

Planning and then becoming pregnant can be an exciting and joyful time of your life.  You may feel you have no reason to worry but, if during your routine pregnancy screenings, you find out that your baby has an abnormality, you may have to think very carefully about what you should do.  These results can be devastating for you and will change the course of your pregnancy.  It may be that your baby might not survive once born or be severely disabled with low life expectancy.  You may run the risk of losing your baby later on in your pregnancy or having a still birth.  If this happens to you you may have to consider if you can cope with losing your baby later on or how you and your family would cope with a disabled child.  These decisions affect the whole family, you, your partner and any other children you may already have.
You may be given information about your choices and information about what the future may hold for you and your baby.   If you need extra support and guidance to help come to terms with the news of your baby’s abnormality, you can visit the charity Antenatal Results and Choices who specialise in this field.

Your Own Medical Health

If you have a medical condition, either physical or mental, that would be aggravated by your pregnancy to the extent that you would be putting your own life at risk you may also be considering your options with your pregnancy.  Perhaps you have other children that may be disturbed both physically or mentally if you had another child and these other family circumstances are a big factor in your decision making process.

Your Personal Circumstances

Perhaps your personal circumstances have changed or you are young and feel that carrying on with your pregnancy would not be beneficial to you or your unborn child.  It could be for financial reasons that you need to seek an abortion.
There are so many reasons why you may want to have an abortion and as each of us are individuals there can be no right or wrong reason, just what is best for you and your circumstances.

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