Abortion Consultations

If your considering abortion a consultation is the first stage of the process. It’s when you will have all the time you need to discuss your options. If you then decide to have an abortion, you will be offered the earliest and most convenient appointment in line with your needs.

During your consultation you will see various professionally trained staff who will help and support you through the process.  Once you arrive at the clinic you will let the receptionist know that you are there and will wait in the waiting room.  The waiting room is designed to feel familiar and comfortable and will be similar to your GPs surgery or family planning clinic. All of the steps below will happen as part of your consultation but may take place in a different order.

Pregnancy Options

Initally you will be seen on your own to talk about the pregnancy and about your options which are to:

  • Continue with the pregnancy and become a parent,
  • Continue with the pregnancy and pursue adoption
  • End the pregnancy by abortion. 

You will be able to talk about your circumstances and feelings and ask any questions you may have.  You can also share your fears and worries without being judged and as the counsellor has no connection to you they will be able to take an unbiased approach to your decision. If you decide to proceed with an abortion they will explain what will happen.

Medical Assessment

A healthcare professional will take a detailed medical history and discuss any conditions that you may have and carry out a few tests which include:

  • An ultrasound Scan to determine how many weeks pregnant you are
  • a finger prick blood test

You may also be tested for sexually transmitted Infections and have a discussion about contraception.

Doctor’s signature

Under the Abortion Act you are required to be assessed by two doctors so you may meet with a second doctor at the clinic.  They might not examine you this time as the first doctor will have done that.  They will then add their signature to the legal form. If you have been referred by your GP you may be able to skip this meeting as your GP will have signed the legal form already.

Abortion options and referral

After your medical assessment they will discuss the abortion options available to you and answer any questions you may have.  The types of abortion procedures you may have depends on how many weeks pregnant you are and if you would like to be awake or asleep. You will get another chance to ask any questions you may have about what will happen on the day of your abortion and what you might expect.  If you have decided that you want to go ahead with an abortion they will then book your abortion appointment and give you information about your referral for an abortion along with details of the clinic you will attend and any other information relevant to your abortion.  All the necessary paperwork will have been completed.  You can then go home and wait for your abortion appointment unless it is scheduled for the same day.

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