Abortion Counselling

Making a decision about whether to have an abortion or not can be difficult for many women. It can really help to talk it over with someone you trust but some women make this decision without the help and support of their partner or family.  As part of the consultation that will take place before you can have an abortion you will be offered counselling to help you assess all your options and support you through the decision making process.

Every clinic has its own in-house counselling service where you can talk confidentially and without anyone judging you or pushing you to make a decision.  These counsellors are highly experienced and trained professionals who are there to listen to you and support you in a friendly and sensitive way. They will go through all the options available to you in an unbiased, non judgemental way. You can speak to a counsellor during all parts of the process both before and after the abortion.

Many clinics offer a range of counselling services from telephone to internet to face to face so, if you don’t feel comfortable attending an appointment in person, you can talk over the phone or online.  At some clinics the phone and online services are available 24 hours a day so you can always find someone to talk to when you need them.  You would need to check the opening times for these services with the clinic you are going to attend.

Deciding to have an abortion can be a difficult decision to make but the range of emotions you will have before, during and after the abortion procedure can be complex. It is for this reason that the counselling services are not just available to you before you make a decision but are there with you through your abortion planning, procedure and after the abortion has been carried out.

You won’t know how you will feel emotionally after you have had the abortion, most women feel relieved but some may also feel guilty or sad. If you feel you need  to talk to someone about your feelings post abortion counselling services will be available to you.

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