Abortion – Decision Making Time

Finding out you are pregnant can bring with it very mixed emotions.  You might have been trying for a baby so becoming pregnant will be very exciting or you may not be expecting it in which case it can be frightening and a shock.

You might be wondering what options you have now that you are pregnant and thinking about whether you can carry on with the pregnancy and have a baby.  Perhaps you’re not sure how you feel and need someone to confide in.  Becoming a mum or having an abortion aren’t the only options you face, you can consider adoption or fostering too.   

Everyone’s reasons for considering an abortion are different. There may be religious or moral reasons that you, your family or partner might have and this is something to consider when making your decision.

Making the decision to have an abortion is a very important one and one of the most difficult decisions you and many women have to face.  Some women have the support of their partner and make the decision with them or another family member or friend but others are completely alone.  It is recommended that you confide in someone you trust as their support can really help.

You don’t have to tell your partner or seek their approval but you may wish to discuss all your options with them.  It might be worth thinking about how they will feel if you haven’t told them you are pregnant and they find out later on you had an abortion.  You partner does not have any formal rights over whether you have an abortion or not - the final decision is yours and you should try not to be influenced by anyone.  It is really important that you are completely sure you have made the right decision for you.

Time Frame to Make Your Decision

You can have an abortion up to 24 weeks into your pregnancy but the sooner you decide the better as you will have more options available to you.  The majority of abortions take place very early on in pregnancy, usually before 13 weeks.  You can have an abortion for free through the NHS or at a cost through a specialist clinic.

If you are considering abortion you can get help and advice from specially trained staff through the NHS or privately.  Abortion clinics have counsellors that you can use to help you through your decision making in a caring and non-judgemental way.   

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to someone in person about your circumstances or want to find out more outside the usual office hours, some abortion providers have telephone or online counselling services.

Before you can have abortion you will have to have a consultation. At this consultation you will be offered counselling to help you assess all your options and support you through the decision making process.

If you decide to proceed with an abortion after your consultation an appointment for the abortion will be made at an abortion clinic. 

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