Will I have an Anaesthetic with an Abortion?

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Whether or not you have an anaesthetic with your abortion very much depends on you and the abortion method you have chosen or are eligible for.

The Abortion Pill, taken up to 9 weeks of pregnancy does not require any anaesthetic at all. It involves you taking two drugs 48, 24 or 6-8 hours apart (depending on your circumstances) and results in symptoms similar to have a natural miscarriage.

The Vacuum Aspiration method carried out between 7 and 15 weeks, can be done with a local anaesthetic or no anaesthetic at all. This involves your cervix being dilated and a tube with a suction pump attached to it inserted into your womb to remove the foetus.

The Later abortion techniques of Surgical Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) used between 13 and 19 weeks and the Surgical Two Stage procedure carried out between 19 and 24 weeks both require a general anaesthetic. As with any medical procedure and with a general anaesthetic these methods do carry some risk to you. Both involve your cervix being dilated and the contents of your womb removed surgically.

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