Where can you get an Abortion?

You can get an abortion at a licensed abortion clinic. Clinics are licensed through the Department of Health and all NHS clinics are automatically licensed due to the set up of the NHS.

Private clinics have to meet with strict care standard requirements and have regular spot checks to make sure they are up to standard.

You can either go to your GP, family planning clinic or sexual health clinic to be referred to an abortion clinic or if you choose you can go straight to a private clinic. Private clinics can sometimes arrange your abortion faster than with the NHS but you do have to pay between for the abortion depending on how many weeks pregnant you are.

You can find your nearest abortion clinic by asking your GP, Family Planning clinic or sexual health clinic or through your local telephone directory. You can also search the Internet and the main clinics are Marie Stopes, The Calthorpe Clinic or the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS). A full list of licensed clinics can be found at the Department of Health Website or by searching the Find an Abortion Clinic section of this website.