Are Abortions Legal?

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Until as recently as 1967 Abortions were not legal in the UK but the Abortion Act was brought in to allow women to have safe, legal abortions in England, Scotland and Wales.

The Abortion Act 1967 allows you to have an abortion if two doctors agree that carrying on the pregnancy will cause physical and psychological harm to you, and any children you may already have, you would be risking your own life to continue the pregnancy or there is a significant risk that the unborn child will suffer from a physical or mental disability.

You must also be under 24 weeks pregnant to have an abortion.

There are different laws in Northern Ireland and Jersey. In Northern Ireland you are not able to have an abortion unless there is a risk that having the baby will cause you long term or permanent physical or mental problems. You can however travel to England, Scotland or Wales to have an abortion as long as you meet the Abortion Act requirements. Many women from Jersey also travel to England, Scotland or Wales to have an abortion.

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