Will an Abortion go on my Medical Record?

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If you ask your GP to refer you for an abortion it will automatically be put on your medical records at the time of your visit to your GP.

If you go straight to a private abortion clinic it will not be automatically put onto your medical records as the clinic has strict confidentiality rules. They will usually ask you if you want the abortion information to be sent onto your GP but you can ask them not to do this and they must oblige. The abortion clinic will normally recommend you do agree to the information being sent onto your GP so they have the information to hand should there be any future complications that might arise from your abortion.

However, this does not mean that to have an abortion on the NHS you have to have it put onto your medical records. It is possible that sometimes if you are to be referred for an abortion through the Family Planning Association or Sexual Health Clinic that your abortion information is not sent onto your GP. This may not be automatically be put onto your medical records even though it would be NHS funded.

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