Can you get an Abortion without your Parents knowing?

Whether you are young or are still living at home with your parents you may be wondering if you have to tell them about you being pregnant and if you should tell them.

You might find that their support and guidance can be the best you will need as they will know you very well or otherwise you might be scared at how they will react. It might be that you feel ashamed or embarrassed and don’t want them to judge you or be disappointed in you.

All your medical records are completely confidential and no-one can find out about any treatment you have without your consent. This also means your parents. Even if you are under 16 your parents cannot access your medical records to find out if you have had an abortion.

If your GP thinks you are able to make your own choices about having an abortion and feel you can consent to your own medical treatment they can refer you without seeking approval from your parents. They will strongly recommend that you tell them or have someone with you for support but they cannot force you or tell them on your behalf.