Do I have to tell my Boyfriend if I choose to have an Abortion?

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Your decision to have an abortion is completely confidential and there is no requirement to tell anyone about it – even your boyfriend or partner.

You might find speaking and discussing your situation with your partner or boyfriend useful and you may wish to take their views and opinions into account when making your decision, especially if you want to continue in the relationship. You might find that your boyfriend is not interested in talking about you being pregnant and the option you have, perhaps they are scared as well as you and have no idea how to sort it out. What you do have to remember is that whatever your partner or boyfriend thinks about what you should do, they ultimately have no legal rights to prevent you from having an abortion or to make you have one.

It is a very difficult and emotional decision to make on your own and you will find that you are advised by your GP and abortion clinic to have someone with you for support.

This could be a friend, family member or youth worker.

The final decision about your abortion is yours and if you choose not to tell anyone about it and go through the process alone that is entirely up to you. All abortion clinics offer free counselling so there will always be a professionally trained, experienced member of staff to listen to your thoughts and feelings and help geode you through the process.

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