Abortion Pain Research Row

Saturday 26th April 2010

David Cameron has vocalised his support for a reduction in the abortion time limit - just hours after a government funded report claimed that unborn babies are unable to feel pain at the current abortion limit of 24 weeks. The controversial research suggests that foetuses developing in the womb are in a sedated state and may not feel any pain when a termination occurs - even past the 24 week limit. 

The study, researched by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, found that the part of the brain that processed pain had not been fully developed in foetuses after 24 weeks leading researchers to conclude that unborn babies, at this stage of development, could not process or feel pain. However, the research has caused out-rage amongst pro-life groups and fertility experts who point out that the study did not consult leading foetal pain experts.

However the growing debate sparked by the report has caused the Prime Minister to remark that the subject may soon come under government review despite the fact that there are currently no plans to reduced the abortion limit.

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