Emergency Contraception Measures Could Reduce Abortions

Saturday 29th May 2010

An NHS drug rationing body has said that an advance supply of the morning-after pill should be available to young women and teenage girls. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) says that women under 25 years of age should be able to buy emergency contraception in advance from pharmacies. The move is one of many new measures proposed by the institute in a bid to reduce levels of unwanted pregnancies.

NICE proposes to make advance contraception available to under-25's as part of a number of measures it hopes will lower rising teen-pregnancy levels. Proposals including issuing teenage boys and young men with condoms and making contraception available in schools and youth-clubs.

The measures have been met with opposition as there is currently no solid evidence that links advance access to emergency contraception with lower pregnancy rates of levels of abortions. Concerned groups claim that the measures could encourage more teenagers to sexually experiment.

The proposals have been announced shortly after the publication of a report that shows that whilst the level of abortions have lowered in the UK, an increasing number of women are having multiple abortion procedures - with some women having as many as seven terminations.

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