Pregnancy Problems for Women With Diabetes

Friday 17th September 2010

Pregnant women with diabetes could be up to twice as likely to have to undergo cesarean sections in older to safely deliver their babies and babies born to women with diabetes could be more likely to suffer from life threatening health complications, Canadian scientists claim.

The worrying findings prompt concern from health care experts who warn that a growing number of adults are developing type 2 diabetes, with a growing number of women developing the condition throughout the course of pregnancy.

Researchers from St Micheal's Hospital and the Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences found that 47% of women with pre-gestational diabetes underwent emergency cesarean sections compared to just 27% of women without diabetes and 37% of women who had developed the condition throughout the course of their pregnancy.

Furthermore, scientists found that the rates of fetal health complications reached to up to 60% in women with diabetes. With rates of stillbirth and fetal mortality also increasing in women with diabetes.

Health care experts hope that the findings will encourage women with diabetes to better control blood glucose levels when trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy.

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