Alternatives to Botulinum Toxin

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However, Botulinum Toxin is not the only treatment available on the market and before you choose that Botulinum Toxin is right for you it is a safe idea to be aware of those alternatives. Surgically you can have the muscle removed or cut that is causing wrinkles to form; this procedure is called a corrugator excision. This operation is invasive and the risks include a loss of sensation in the area that the muscle was removed or cut at. It is said that this procedure makes you look constantly surprised and makes you look far more artificial than you do with Botulinum Toxin. Face lifts do the same, although the surgery is relatively simple it still has a long recovery time and since it is surgical it welcomes more risks. It does, however, give permanent results, whereas Botulinum Toxin needs top ups every few months. Celebrities have been using a patch called Frownies for around 100 years and apparently train the muscles to stay in place and therefore smooth out wrinkles just by placing the patch on the surface of your skin. Frownies claim that they are like Botulinum Toxin but cheaper and safer, and they have proven to be affective. Anti-wrinkle creams are also a good alternative to Botulinum Toxin if surgery is not right for you. It is difficult to find an anti wrinkle cream that seems to work for everyone, but studies show that if your cream contains retinol, hydroxy acids and tea extracts it is more likely to prevent premature visual aging. Protox is a gel that works similarly to Botulinum Toxin only it is not injected into the muscle. The muscles absorb the gel which in turn relaxes it and stops wrinkles forming. It has long lasting effects but you’ll have to wait just as long to actually see a positive change. Overall, there are a lot of other options besides Botulinum Toxin if you want to remove the appearance of wrinkles, but as always look into each alternative thoroughly before making your decision.

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