Making an Appointment for Botulinum Toxin

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Some clinics such do not charge for a Botulinum Toxin consultation. Your clinician may also examine the muscle movements and strength in your chosen area of treatment in order to decide on the amount of treatment you should need and how often you will need to return for a top up. Without this examination the doctor cannot design a treatment plan specific to you and this encourages a high risk of disappointment.

The price and benefits of consultation are individual to each clinic so it is important to shop around before you decide on which clinic you want to carry out your treatment in. Within this consultation you should discuss what Botulinum Toxin treatment you are opting for and whether or not you are suitable for the treatment. It is also the best time to ask your clinician any questions that you may have concerning your treatment .You can also ring particular clinics on the telephone to ask any questions you have about the process instead of meeting a practitioner face to face if you are pressed for time, however it is advisable to meet with the clinician performing your treatment as well in order for you to obtain as much crucial information as possible.

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