Preparing for Botulinum Toxin

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OK, so you’ve decided that you want Botulinum Toxin, but putting aside your excitement for the end result, being prepared for your treatment is just as vital as the treatment itself. When you arrive at the surgery on the day of your treatment you may be given a Botulinum Toxin information form, this form outlines the risks involved with your treatment, a brief history of Botulinum Toxin and the science behind the treatment. The information form also invites you to ask any questions that you may wish to know the answer to that the form does not cover and how long the treatment takes to become noticeable. After you have familiarised yourself with the information handed to you, you will greeted by a doctor or a medically trained member of staff to discuss your treatment. Within this discussion you will explain your expectations and point out exactly what you want to achieve with Botulinum Toxin treatment. This way, the medically trained professional carrying out your treatment will be able to match your expectations when treating you. Even though it might hinder your chances of being a successful Botulinum Toxin candidate, now is also the time for you to be honest about any medical conditions that you might have. It is also important to let the professional know of any allergies you may have as it may be a key ingredient in the aftercare or treatment process. It is also the time to ask any questions about the treatment, aftercare and upkeep of Botulinum Toxin that you feel the information form did not cover. Don’t feel stupid asking questions, the professional has heard every question concerning this treatment and it is important for you to feel confident and aware of the process to avoid disappoint and unnecessary anxiety. In some clinics, depending on the amount of clients, you may be able to have a consultation with your professional and have your treatment on the same day.

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