Botulinum Toxin & Age

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Botulinum Toxin is associated with fighting off tell tale signs of aging, most notably, wrinkles. Wrinkles are a sad fact of life and can come to surface around your eyes (crow’s feet), the sagging of your brow, frown lines and even around your mouth. We can smother on the newest anti-aging product but the fact is that pollution, sun damage and time gets to work long before any moisturiser can work its magic. UV damage causes 90% of premature skin aging and most of the effects occur by the age of twenty. UV rays break down our collagen which is our key ingredient for healthy skin and bones. The collagen tries to reform after the breakdown but in large it forms unsuccessfully which then, as the process is repeated, wrinkles appear. Smoking is also a large contributor to premature aging. The movement of smoking pinches the skin and as time goes on our oxygenised blood supply is limited in that area, resulting in the breakdown of collagen and wrinkles forming. We can avoid smoking and piling on the factor fifty, but we cannot stop ourselves from aging and after years of frowning and laughing, wrinkles will appear. Whenever we make a facial expression our muscles stretch causing our skin to stretch with it. After a period of time our skin has stretched so much that it starts to loosen and sag. Even though this is not a natural and non-life threatening dilemma, it can be unflattering.

Botulinum Toxin is a quick and non-evasive treatment that can remove wrinkles and so it is an extremely popular option for those wanting to avoid visual aging. A small amount of diluted Botulinum toxin is injected into the problem area and relaxes the muscles, and when these muscles are relaxed it is more difficult for them to contract and move and this prevents wrinkles from forming and irons out the wrinkles you may have already. The treatment takes around ten minutes and there’s no need for general anaesthetic, the pain is minimal and quick. Most clinics charge from around £175 to £350 per area treated and a top-up is usually needed every three to four months and you can expect to see the results within twenty-four hours with little recovery time.

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