Botulinum Toxin Parties

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A Botulinum Toxin party is when a group of friends get together in one of their homes and a medical professional comes to treat them with Botulinum Toxin to reduce their appearance of wrinkles. A Botulinum Toxin party can cost from $300 to $1,000 and is most successful because of the comfort that comes with a client being in the safety of their own home during the treatment. You will, however, receive a discount group rate for most of these parties and some clinics even offer a ‘buy five and get the sixth’ treatment free with home visits including a free consultation beforehand. You can also return to clinics for free top ups even if you had the initial treatment at home and were not completely happy with the results. Although a popular trend, most doctors frown on Botulinum Toxin parties as it is not a controlled and clean environment. It is a new fad that has received a lot of investigations from watchdogs recently and is not encouraged by the General Medical Association as the doctor carrying out the treatment may not have a detailed patient history if the procedure is performed outside the clinic. If you are considering a Botulinum Toxin party make sure your doctor has a complete medical history on you and that your home is sterile enough for the treatment to take place

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