Glycolic Peels & Botulinum Toxin

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Glycolic Acid is a chemical peel derived from sugar cane that removes the outer layer of your dead skin to make you look fresher faced, removes freckles and irregular skin pigmentation. Just like Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers it can also remove the appearance of fine wrinkles and reports say that it may even limit your chances of developing skin cancer. Those who would benefit the most from this treatment would be someone with fine wrinkles or skin that needs rejuvenating but if you have constant sun exposure it is not recommended. Before your treatment takes place you will be prepared with Vitamin A or Alpha Hydroxy Acid and fully cleansed. The acid is then put on your face and closely monitored by a medical professional, the process may sting and so an ice pack would be useful in dulling the pain. You can be put under anaesthetic but you cannot operate heavy machinery after you come back around, but usually there is no need for anaesthetic. The treatment is done in sections to make sure it is carried out properly and carefully avoiding the eyes and mouth. In the next twenty four hours after the treatment expect a swollen, red and a tight burning sensation which will then turn into a brown almost leather complexion. It is recommended that you apply Vaseline to your face several times a day, to stop your skin cracking and becoming damaged and then the skin will peel over the next week. Even though it’s tempting you are told to allow the skin to peel at its own speed and resist the urge to peel it off yourself. It is vital not to wear makeup over this period until your skin is fully healed and slightly pink, but be aware that your skin may peel again and become scaly to the touch. You will be advised to wear sunscreen religiously over this process to prevent sun damage. You can repeat skin peeling three months later. However, with stronger acids there is a risk of scarring but this is apparently unusual with weaker ones. There is also a risk of infection if the skin is manually peeled before it is naturally ready to come off itself. You are also likely to get cold sores but anti viral medication can prevent this easily enough along with avoiding unusual pigmentation with sunscreen lotion. Men should also avoid shaving on the day of treatment and you must avoid any other facial skin treatment in the week of your appointment. The treatment can cost anywhere from £70 to £700 but it is advised to shop around to find a better price as the cosmetic market is highly competitive. Although this is a popular treatment, if you have kidney failure, open sores or cold sores and if you have been prescribed accutane medication in the last year you should not have chemical peels.

Chemical peels will help treat different problems to Botulinum Toxin and if you are considering both treatments, you must seek professional advice as too much treatment could damage your skin. It may be advisable to complete the course of skin peels before having any Botulinum Toxin treatment.

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