On the Day of Your Botulinum Toxin Treatment

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There are now certain qualifications and training that are required by law, to be allowed to administer Botulinum Toxin. Always make sure you are happy with the medic and his or her skills before you sign on the dotted line. It is advisable to choose a medical practise that specialises in facial, cosmetic and medical aesthetics and that the doctor is very experienced in injecting Botulinum Toxin. Your treatment will be administered by a trained professional and possibley under the supervision of a physician. They should both be fully experienced in Botulinum Toxin and make you feel comfortable during the treatment. Before your treatment you may be seated in a reclining chair where the doctor will examine your facial muscles by asking you to pull particular faces and contract your muscles, it is then when your doctor will decide where to administer the Botulinum Toxin treatment. The clinician will then mark you with a pen to note where the treatment should be injected, this is so he or she can perform the treatment successfully. Even though your clinician may numb the chosen area with a cream, there is no need for general anaesthetic as the treatment is speedy and there is very little pain. Once the treatment has been carried out you are free to go without any recovery time.

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