Botulinum Toxin for Men

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As the popularity of Botulinum Toxin grows it’s only inevitable that men as well as women will notice its appeal. If women feel ugly next to Cheryl Cole, it’s only natural that men feel insecure when barraged with images of the ‘perfect male’. Us mere mortals do not have the time to spend all day at the gym with an ex US Marine and just like the girls, the boys want a quick fix. According to a 1997 American study 43% of men were unhappy with their physical appearance, a number which is 25 times more than in 1972 and continuing to rise, and the amount of men and women seeking clinical treatment is now relatively the same figure. Sales in male grooming products are steadily on the increase and the market analysts, Datamonitor, found that in 2006 men in the UK on average spend around 920 million pounds a year on grooming products, a figure that is expected to rise significantly even through a tough recession. Simon Cowell once said that Botulinum Toxin is just as usual as toothpaste and that many men are now using Botulinum Toxin on a regular basis.

Botulinum Toxin Treatment for Men

A diluted mixture of Botulinum Toxin is injected into the problem area, usually around the eyes, to combat early signs of aging and then the dilute then gets to work relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles. As the muscles relax, crows feet, frown lines and other signs of premature aging are eradicated and Botulinum Toxin claims that it can give you a younger and more youthful appearance. The treatment only takes ten minutes and there is little recovery time. If you are wondering if Botulinum Toxin is right for you, it has been made clear that if you are a man in good health and beginning to notice lines forming around your eyes and brows then this treatment is for you. It is the quickest, most painless and least invasive of treatments on the market. However, on the down side, it does not last forever. Treatment usually lasts up to four months before you will need to have a top up during which you will be treated as a new client. Side effects may include stiff facial movements and a temporary eyelid droop.

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