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Cost of Tooth Filling

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Having a filling fitted privately will be a lot more expensive that having it done on the NHS.  To have a non-white probably amalgam filling on the NHS will cost approximately £45 whereas to have it done privately, is likely to cost you anything near to £80 or £120 depending on the size of the cavity.  Having a white filling is normally not seen as necessary, mainly people have them for cosmetic rather than medical purposes.  The NHS may offer white fillings for the front teeth at the standard rate of approximately £45, but if you want them for any other filling then you will have to pay the full price, between £60 and £100.  Gold fillings are obviously the most expensive material to use, usually starting at around £300 and rising depending on the size of the cavity. Composite white fillings are commonly placed, both due to their appearance and close match with natural tooth enamel as well as their relatively low cost.

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