How can I Stop being Scared of the Dentist?

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Dental phobias are a very common problem and when phobics are exposed to the source their fears many experience an anxiety response such as panic attack and palpitations. The reasons behind a fear of dentists are many and varied but some common issues include the 'clinical' smell of the dentist’s office or a bad experience involving dentistry early on in life. Because of their fears, many dental phobics have problems maintaining their oral health. And when they do develop a dental problem, they are much less likely to have it checked out than non-phobics.

Fortunately, many dentists now make use of a range of solutions to ease the fears of dental phobics. For instance, it is common for clinics to use distraction or relaxation methods such as DVD goggle or music while patients are undergoing treatment. For patients who fear the needles and drills which are frequently used in dentistry, there are now more options than ever for less invasive treatments. Some clinics make use of a numbing gel to remove feeling from the target area before the anaesthetic is injected with the needle. Similarly, local anaesthetics can now be applied through devices such as 'The Wand' which can dispense a local anaesthetic to an area without having to employ a needle.

In extreem cases it is possible to undergo 'sedation' dentistry in which medication or nitrous oxide can be used to put the patient into a calm and relaxed state. There are no 'cures' for dental phobia, but if you are serious in your desire to tackle your fears, consult your doctor or a psychologist.

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