Choosing Eyeglass Frames

Choosing frames for your lenses is quite important for comfort and cosmetic purposes. This decision needs to take into account what kind of frames suit the shape of your face, for example round faced people are better suited to squarer frames, as well as what suits your colouring.

Can someone help me choose my frames?

There’s nothing stopping you from taking a friend or family member to the opticians to help you pick your frames. Your optician might also be able to give you some advice as to what kind of frame would suit the type of lenses you’re going for. Some opticians have sales assistants whose role is to give you advice as to the frames that would best suit your needs.

What kind frame would best suit me?

A decision like this always comes down to personal choice, however there are some general trends that can help you pick out what frames to start with if you find yourself unsure of where to begin. Generally speaking the darker your hair, the darker and thicker your frames can be as these frames can be striking without appearing out of place or odd. Similarly if you have lighter hair you might be better off with slimmer frames in lighter colours, with some people preferring rimless glasses to this end.

Generally speaking if you have a long and thin face you can broaden your appearance by wearing larger and rounder frames. Round frames are also a good choice for anyone with square features, while rectangular frames are best suited to people with rounder, fuller faces. These are all very general suggestions though, and your personal preference is considerably more important in these matters.

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