Progressive Lenses

Progressive or varifocal lenses are becoming an increasingly popular choice as, unlike other multifocals (lenses split into sections with different lens powers and focusing abilities), they don’t have the tell tale line marking the different sections of bifocal or trifocal lenses. This has the advantage of being more cosmetically appealing as well as providing a more continuous plane of vision.

What is a progressive lens?

A progressive lens is basically one which has multiple lens powers arranged in a gradient across the entire lens. While bifocals only provide two lens powers and trifocals provide three, a progressive lens will have a huge range that accommodates every possible viewing distance. The advantage of this is that you don’t get the ‘image jump’ you can get with traditional multifocal lenses, this occurs as you move your eyes across from one section in a bifocal to another and it passes the boundary between the two.

Are progressive lenses for me?

Whether or not progressive lenses are for you is a question you should pose to your optician who is qualified to discuss your options with you. These lenses are generally used to treat presbyopia, a condition that develops with age as a consequence of your natural lenses losing some of their elasticity. This property is important as to properly focus on objects at varying distances your lens needs to be reshaped by the muscles of the eye. This loss of elasticity ultimately means your ability to focus on objects closer to you is diminished.

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