When do I Need New Glasses?

The NHS recommends visiting an optician at least once every two years to make sure your eyes are healthy and that, if you have one, your lens prescriptions are up to date. This is particularly important for young children who find it difficult to express any changes in their vision.

How do I know if I need new glasses?

You generally need new glasses if you find yourself straining to see things that were once easy to see. It is natural for your lens prescription to change, particularly if you are still growing, as the shape of your eyes changes over time. Many people notice changes in their vision which prompts them to visit their optician who will reassess their needs, however for some any visual changes might be very slow and gradual, meaning that it is harder to notice any changes that would suggest they need to visit an optician. This is one of the reasons why regular visits to an optician are so important!

Why would I need new glasses?

As mentioned above, it is natural for your eyes to change, particularly if you are growing. What this means is that the shape of your eyeball can change, causing a change in your prescription. Similarly, as you age you can develop presbyopia, a loss of the ability to focus on objects that is a natural consequence of age. Your eye’s natural lens relies on its elasticity to be able to focus on objects at different distances, and this elasticity is gradually lost as you grow older, meaning that whether you have had glasses in the past or not, you might need new lenses.

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