What is Corporate Eye Care?

Many companies provide a number of benefits for their employees. These can include health benefits that work to increase worker satisfaction and establish a good reputation for the employer. In some cases employers have a legal obligation to provide certain types of healthcare for their employees. Eye care can be one of these health benefits, and is described as corporate eye care.

What is corporate eye care?

Corporate eye care is essentially an arrangement between an employer and an optician to provide discounted or free eye tests for their staff. Opticians are trained to conduct eye tests and determine the extent of any visual problems, and then prescribe corrective lenses if necessary. Depending on the employer and the nature of the arrangement, corporate eye care can in fact include discounted glasses and/or lenses, and not just for the employee but for family members. Corporate eye care can also be part of a business health insurance plan with a private healthcare provider like BUPA.

How is corporate eye care arranged?

The general method of arranging corporate eye care is by way of vouchers purchased from an optician’s that an employee can redeem for their eye tests or glasses. This allows employers to pass on a means of obtaining these services without complicated paperwork and hassle. Employees can be allocated a certain number of vouchers a year, which can be used for themselves as well as family members. An employer can simply order more vouchers as necessary, and provide them to their employees when needed.

Different types of vouchers provide different services up to a range of different values. For example for jobs in which safety eyewear like protective goggles are needed you can obtain Safety Eyewear vouchers at a value of around £37.00. A similar voucher can also encompass an eye exam which raises its value to approx. £54.00.

Issues around corporate eye care

The employer-employee relationship can be a complicated one, particularly in areas like providing health benefits in compliance with the law. Employers must abide by Health and Safety Regulations that state that they are responsible for the eye care of employees using visual display units. This legal obligation is one that both employers and employees can become confused about, which is evidenced by the surprisingly low uptake of corporate eye care benefits in some instances. Asking your employer about the system is important to make the most of it as an employee, and making the regulations of your organisation clear is essential for employers to fully meet their legal obligations.

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