Disposable Daily Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can either be designed for extended or single use. The latter are disposable lenses which are often a cheap and convenient option available at virtually every optician’s. These lenses are often referred to as dailies as they can be worn for the duration of the day and discarded at night. There are some longer use disposable lenses like weeklies (which are replaced every two weeks), but the most common form of disposable lenses are the dailies.

Why should I use daily disposable contacts?

Different people’s eyes respond to contacts in different ways. For some people frequent lens changes are the most comfortable option, and they can feel a difference in comfort when they use dailies. Keeping your eyes healthy is all about keeping them comfortable and feeling good, and so you might find through some experimentation or discussion with your optician that dailies are the option for you. Disposable lenses are provided in sterile packaging, and provided you wash your hands before putting them in and out, don’t need the careful disinfection that extended wear lenses do.

Daily lenses are also ideal if you find that you only use your contacts a few times a week. Extended wear lenses collect potentially harmful bacteria if not worn and just left in their cases. Furthermore daily lenses don’t accrue deposits of calcium and/or protein as extended lenses do, resulting in clearer vision. Finally, as they come in disposable pairs, losing or breaking a daily lens is a fairly minor incident and all you have to do is get rid of the offending pair and open a new pack! Daily lenses are actually reputed as being the option with the lowest risk of infection or complications when used properly.

Is it cheaper to buy contact lenses online?

The cost of daily lenses can vary hugely, and they are easily available either online or through an optician. Daily lenses can be purchased in boxes of 30 lenses. Generally speaking these lenses are cheaper to purchase online as an optician will include running costs in their prices. Opticians will have their own overhead and staffing costs which they need to cover through their sales, and therefore if you want to save money on your daily lenses, it’s advisable to take your prescription from an optician and order your lenses online. The disadvantage to this however is that some opticians may not perform regular checks for you unless you buy lenses from them.

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