Is It Cheaper To Buy Glasses Online?

Glasses can be quite costly if you aren’t eligible for an NHS optical voucher, particularly if you are looking for lenses with additional properties like an anti-reflective coating. These costs can be reduced by shopping around online for your lenses.

How do I know what to get?

Getting an eye test at an optician’s doesn’t mean you are obliged to purchase your lenses from them, but you will need to have an eye test conducted to get the information you need to make an online purchase. An eye test is used to establish any loss of vision by using, for example, an eye chart with letters decreasing in size. They also usually involve an examination of the inner and outer eye by an optician suitably qualified to do so, this is to exclude the possibility of any visual complications. At the end of your eye test you will be provided with a prescription which provides you with the type of lens you need. You should also discuss any specialist options with your optician, like whether you need progressive lenses or bifocals.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying glasses online

The major advantage to buying glasses online is cost. Unlike an optician’s, a website doesn’t have overheads that need to be covered through the cost of the lenses and frames they sell. This results in an automatic drop in the cost of lenses when you do buy them. Lenses and frames ordered online tend to be delivered quite promptly, and promotions are quite easy to find online. You can make significant savings online, a bifocal pair that would cost you around £150 on the high street could cost you as little as £30 on the internet for example.

There are some caveats to buying online. You can’t try frames on to see how they feel and what they look like on you. You also don’t have the same level of after sale service; an optician will often make any adjustments you need after you buy your glasses from them. If you do get a dodgy pair of glasses from an online order, you have to put up with the hassle of mailing back your item back and waiting for a new pair. This can be both quite time consuming and irritating.

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