Sunglasses and Designer Sunglasses

In sunnier climes, and on rare occasions in the UK, sunglasses are crucial, allowing us to walk around and enjoy the summer without squinting or overexerting our eyes. Whilst driving, sunglasses can be an important safety tool, preventing momentary blindness that can potentially be caused glare on the roads.

What are sunglasses?

Sunglasses are cosmetic and protective eyewear which can or can not have corrective lenses in them. Sunglasses are designed to filter out bright light and ultra-violet radiation which can damage your eyes or cause them any discomfort. More recently the use of sunglasses has been advocated by health professionals for their ability to filter out UV and blue light, both of which can cause eye issues in the long term.

What types of sunglasses are there?

There are very many different types of sunglasses in terms of both style and function. Popular styles of sunglasses include aviators, clip-ons, and shutter shades, each of which will appeal to different people. You can get designer sunglasses produced by renowned brands that generate fashionable frames, or more standard frames from almost any supermarket.

Sunglasses can have photochromic lenses, which basically respond to the light in the environment, becoming darker as light becomes brighter. These lenses are extremely convenient, particularly for anyone wearing glasses who doesn’t want a separate set of prescription glasses or to carry around two sets of glasses. Photochromic lenses can be made from either plastic or glass, and can be ordered to fit virtually any frame.

Sunglasses can also be fitted with polarised lenses which are designed to cut out glare from surfaces, facilitating activities like driving or sailing. These lenses are extremely handy in those areas, but are not designed for the use of LCDs (liquid crystal displays) as at certain angles you won’t be able to see the screen.

Many sports require the use of protective eyewear, and these are often fitted with sunglass lenses to facilitate their use outdoors in bright sunlight. These lenses are often made out of polycarbonate, a very resilient plastic material that is impact, scratch, and UV resistant.

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