Prescription Sunglasses

Unfortunately not many sunglasses can easily fit over spectacles, meaning that for those of us wearing eyeglasses the sunny months can be quite trying on our unprotected eyes. If you are not particularly keen on getting contacts just for the summer, then prescription sunglasses mean you can have those much coveted aviators without sacrificing your vision or trying to squeeze your glasses in underneath!

Types of prescription sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are essentially frames fitted with corrective lenses matching your prescription that have been tinted to filter sunlight, making it easier to walk around without squinting on bright summer days. There are a number of options in this category, the first and most basic being the prescription sunglasses just described. If you would rather not carry around two pairs of glasses, then Photochromic lenses are an option for you. These lenses change their colour in response to light, meaning that as it gets sunnier or brighter your lenses darken accordingly, protecting your eyes without the hassle of changing frames. These are available in a number of different shapes and sizes, as well as in either glass or plastic.

Polarised sunglasses are the option for you if you perform activities that can involve glare like sailing or driving. A polarised lens filters light striking the lens in one plane or direction, meaning that light coming at your lenses in a horizontal fashion is filtered reducing glare. The caveat to these lenses however is the polarising action can make your LCD (liquid crystal display) TV or computer screen disappear. Sports goggles use a material called polycarbonate in their lenses. This is a particularly robust plastic that is very scratch and impact resistant that also filters out harmful UV rays. These are a great option if you play sports in strong sunlight as they protect your eyes against both UV and impact.

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