How Can I Book an Eye Test?

It is recommended that you have an eye test at least once every two years, and more often if you suffer from a condition that can lead to potential eye problems (like diabetes), or are older and with a family history of eye disease (like glaucoma or cataracts).

Who do I book an eye test with?

An eye test is conducted by a qualified and registered practitioner called an optician. In the UK, an optician is actually an optometrist, meaning they are qualified to both examine your eyes and prescribe lenses. In other parts of the world however, an optician is more specifically a dispensing optician, whose only role is the preparation and measurement of glasses and lenses. For the purposes of this article the convention in the UK will be followed, and an optician is a trained and registered member of the General Optical Council who is fully qualified and experienced in all matters of the eye and corrective lenses. All you need to book your eye test is some free time and an optician with whom to make an appointment!

How do I book my eye test?

An optician can be found on most high streets, and a growing number of larger supermarkets now feature their own opticians as well. You can arrange an eye test with any of these as you see fit. You can both walk into a store and have a chat about making an appointment where you can ask any questions you may have about your eye test, or book an appointment over the phone. You can also make arrangements over the internet which has the added advantage of sometimes carrying with it a promotional discount or offer.

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