Cost of Osteopathy - Is Osteopathy Expensive?

If you are have osteopathic treatment through the NHS there will be no cost to you (i.e. it will be provided for free). This is due to the aim of the NHS which is to provide care that is free at the point of treatment. If you are visiting a private osteopath then the cost of your osteopathic treatment will vary depending on the clinic that you visit however most clinics will have a standard rate for a 30 minute consultation.

Cost of Your Initial Visit to an Osteopath

You should be aware that your initial consultation will probably be longer (usually around 45 minutes) because your osteopath will want to know about all of your past medical history and to get to know you as a whole person before they start treating you. Due to this fact, your initial visit may be more expensive than subsequent visits.

Typical Costs of Osteopathic Treatment

The majority of osteopathic clinics will charge between £35 and £50 for a 30 minute visit. This will include all the treatment that you receive in the 30 minutes (such as advice, massage, touch, laser treatment etc.). The obvious advantage of this standard charge is that you know exactly how much it will cost you before you visit the osteopathic clinic.

Specific Costs at Your Local Osteopathic Clinic

The best way to find out the specific costs of your chosen osteopath is to either visit their website or phone their clinic. This will allow you to find out exactly how much both the initial consultation and treatment and subsequent visits will cost you as well as the methods of payment that your osteopathic clinic accepts.

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