Osteopathy to Alleviate Symptoms Caused by Old Age

As the human population lives until older ages, we are seeing a larger number of problems associated with old age. This basically means that there are a number of symptoms and pains that are simply due to wear and tear that occurs naturally in our bodies and begin to cause us problems as the deterioration accumulates over time (as we get older).

Symptoms Caused by Old Age

As you get older your bones will start to deteriorate, your muscles will become weaker and you may find that your eye sight and/or hearing become worse. Older people are more susceptible to illness and are often known to fall more frequently. This is occasionally accompanied by a reduction in your mental capacity due to a reduction in your cognitive function (which could most notably affect memory, concentration and emotion).

Osteopathic Treatment of the Symptoms Caused by Old Age

If you are starting to feel the symptoms of old age creeping in (or you want to postpone them at all costs) then you might want to visit an osteopath. The nature of osteopathic treatment will enhance your well being in a holistic manner. Gentle massage will keep your skin and muscles relaxed and increase your circulation. This will enhance your body’s ability to move nutrients to the areas they are required and will ensure that your muscles stay supple. Your osteopath might articulate (move) your joints which will increase the mobility in your joints and allow you to remain more active for longer. Cranial osteopathy could help to decrease the speed of visual and hearing impairment by increasing the blood flow to these regions and ensuring that the position of the skull bones was not causing any restriction in the functioning of these senses. The increased blood and nerve supply to your brain will also act to assist your cognitive function. 

Your osteopathic treatment will be tailored to you. If you have particular problems that you want your osteopath to treat (such as arthritis) then they will be able to concentrate on alleviating these symptoms. However, if you are simply interested in preventing any future problems and increasing your quality of life, then your osteopath will be able to discuss your personal requirements (depending on your lifestyle and wishes).

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