How Long Osteopathic Treatment Lasts

The code of practise produced by the General Osteopathic Council states that all osteopaths are required to maintain trust and integrity. This means that you should be able to trust that your osteopath will not try to elongate your treatment just to take more money from you!

Predicting Osteopathic Treatment Length at the End of Each Appointment

Your osteopathic appointment will usually end with your osteopath suggesting how many more appointments you will need. They will do this based on a number of factors that they evaluated during your appointment. These factors include:

  • The severity of your injury (or pain or symptoms etc.)
  • The length of time you have suffered from your injury (or pain or symptoms etc.)
  • The type of treatment they used for you
  • How well they felt that your body responded to their treatment
  • How much they think that your lifestyle and diet will exacerbate your injury (or pain or symptoms etc.)
  • If they think you will be committed to altering your posture or lifestyle to assist in the long term recovery of your injury (pain or symptoms etc.)
  • If you want to use osteopathic treatment as a long term preventative method or relaxation technique

Given all this information, your osteopath will be able to give a rough prediction of how many treatment repeats you will need. It is possible that this prediction may need to be updated during subsequent appointments depending on how your body continues to react to the osteopathic methods that your osteopath uses on you. However, it is likely that if you visit an osteopath due to a pain that has only recently arisen, you will only require a small number of visits before you are pain free. Although, you may find that you want to continue visiting your osteopath (may be at a reduced frequency) just to continue reaping the benefits of osteopathic treatment. These benefits may include the relaxation that you feel during your visit, any increased energy that you feel after your visit and the reduction in your overall stress levels.

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