Osteopaths on the NHS

Osteopaths work both within the NHS and privately however there is limited access to osteopathic treatment through the NHS at the moment.

How to Receive Osteopathic Treatment through the NHS

Because osteopathy is seen as a complimentary therapy by the NHS, NHS osteopathic treatment is currently only available in certain areas of the UK. This means that you will need to check that you live in an area where this access exists. To do this you will need to either speak to your GP or contact the NHS directly. This can be done through your primary care trust (PCT) in England, your local health board in Scotland, your local health authority in Wales or your local health and social service group in Northern Ireland. If you do not know the name or contact details for your local PCT (or equivalent) then you can do so on the NHS website or by asking your GP.

If you do live in an area where osteopathy is available on the NHS then you will need to be referred by your GP in order to access this service. Your GP will refer you to your local osteopathic clinic although in some areas an osteopath may visit your GP surgery or local hospital so that you treatment is carried out in one of these NHS settings.

If you have NHS osteopathy, your GP will probably want to use osteopathic treatment alongside other medical (or surgical) treatments depending on your particular problem. However, even if you do live in an area where NHs osteopathy is available, it may be extremely limited so you might end up waiting a long time before a place becomes available. In this situation you may wish to consider seeing an osteopath privately.  

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