Results from Your Osteopathy Treatment

As soon as your osteopath has finished treating you they will want to discuss what they have carried out and how they feel it went. This means that you will know immediately what your results from the treatment are.

Follow Up Osteopathic Treatment

Your osteopath will suggest how many (if any) follow up osteopathic treatments you require. This could range from none to a weekly visit however, if you are using a private osteopath, you will be able to have an input into this. You may want to visit more often just for the relaxation, or you may want to reduce the frequency of your visits to keep the cost down. If you are really lucky, your osteopath may have been able to cure your pain in your first treatment session. In which case they will probably give you advice on how to prevent injury recurrence and you may never have to visit the clinic again....unless you want to!

Exercises to Do At Home

Unlike physiotherapy (where home exercises are often a key part of the treatment) osteopaths will rarely leave you will “homework”. However, very occasionally your osteopath may suggest that you carry out some simple exercises at home to aid your recovery. These could be designed to increase the strength of a particular muscle (or muscle group) or to stretch out an area of your body. Similarly your osteopath may give you advice on how to alter your posture or change an aspect of your behaviour to help you prevent any further recurrence of your pain or symptoms.

In The Case of Referral from an Osteopath

If your osteopath thinks that your condition would not benefit from osteopathic treatment (or if they suspect that you need to be referred back to your GP) then they will be able to give you advice on how to find more appropriate help. This could include anything from getting some X-rays taking and visiting an orthopaedic surgeon to taking some time to rest before returning to the clinic.

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