Potential Problems with Osteopathy

You may find that your particular problem does not respond to osteopathic treatment. This may mean that you have paid money and spend time on osteopathy and gained to alleviation from your discomfort. However, this is rare and you will probably find that you gain at least something from osteopathy even if your osteopath is unable to cure your problem.

The Expense of Osteopathy

If you need to use a private osteopath (because you don’t have access to an NHS osteopath or because your GP does not think that you require osteopathic treatment) then it will cost you money. This is certainly a disadvantage of osteopathy, but you can choose how often your visit your osteopath and thus reduce the costs if you are struggling to pay. However this could cause you a potential problem if you problem starts to flare up just as you cannot afford another visit to the osteopath. Due to this, it may be a good idea to put some money aside for an ‘emergency’ osteopathic treatment just in case this situation occurs.

Time and Tiredness

Obviously you will have to take time out of your busy day in order to have osteopathic treatment. However some people find that osteopathy makes them feel extremely tired straight after their treatment. This is more common if you are having cranial osteopathy and could cause you a problem if you have to continue working afterwards (especially if you drive or operate heavy machinery for a living). It might be a good idea to book your first appointment at a time when you can have a nap straight afterwards to see if you are effected in this way. If you are then you may have to organise your activities around your osteopathy which could be annoying for you.

Extra time may also be taken up by the need to carry out exercises at home (such as stretches and posture improving movements). This could take further time out of your day when you could be doing other things

Your GP’s Opinion of Osteopathy

Some GP’s are still highly sceptical about osteopathic treatment. However, this is only their personal opinion and they should not ever stop you from visiting an osteopath or giving you a referral if this is what you want. Be assured that the British Medical Association (BMA) have officially acknowledged osteopathy as a treatment method.

Equally, some GP’s have been on postgraduate osteopathy courses and work as trained and registered osteopaths alongside their GP duties!

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