Osteopath for Hip and Pelvis Pain

If you suffer from pain in hip or pelvis you might consider visiting an osteopath. Your osteopath would be able to provide treatment to reduce your pain and offer you advice on how to change your posture and/or behaviour in order to prevent your pain from reoccurring.  Hip pain may also form part of your symptoms if you suffer from fibromyalgia.

Common Causes of Hip and Pelvis Pain

Hip and pelvis pain occur in a number of different situations. They can be due to problems with the muscles around your hip and pelvis, chronic dysmenorrhoea (long term period pain), problems with your joints (caused by injury or illnesses such as arthritis), a trapped nerve etc. Sometimes hip and pelvis pain can simply be a consequence of old age or over use.

Diagnosis and Osteopathic Treatment for Hip and Pelvis Pain

Your osteopath may be able to diagnose the cause of your pain (if you don’t already know), or they may tell you that it is “non-specific”. If your pain is due to muscular or joint problems then your osteopath will probably concentrate your treatment method using massage and stretching. They will do this both in the painful region and around the site of the pain. This will stretch out the tension in your muscles and allow more movement in the joints. You will probably find that this gives you an immediate sense of relief.

If your pain is due to stiffness in your joints, your osteopath will want to increase the joint mobility by physically manipulating your legs to increase the movement in your hips. They may also use massage to stretch out the muscles around your hips as these muscles might reduce the movement of your joint if they were too tight. If your osteopath discovers that you have inflammation within your hip or pelvis they may want to minimise joint movement during your treatment and concentrate more on massaging the muscles to reduce the inflammation. As the inflammation reduces, there will be more room in the joints and your hip mobility will increase as a consequence.

Pain caused by dysmenorrhoea or a trapped nerve will benefit from the re-structuring of the soft tissue created by massage. During this manipulative treatment the trapped nerve may become dislodged which will feel like an immediate relief and cause a great reduction in your pain. Massage will help to alleviate your dysmenorrhoea by increasing the blood flow to your reproductive organs and enhancing the nerve supply to your surrounding tissue. 

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