Long Term Results of Osteopathic Treatment

Over a period of time the additional feeling well being produced by regular osteopathic treatment will increase your energy levels and leave you feeling less stressed.

Referral from your GP

If you were referred to your osteopath by your GP then you might find that your long term results are to stop having osteopathic treatment once your pain has gone away. This could occur after the first session, or it may require a number of sessions before your pain completely disappears. However long it takes, the fact that osteopathy has stopped your pain means that your long term results have been successful! Don’t forget to let your GP know when you finish your osteopathic treatment and how it went for you.

Continuing Using Osteopathy

If you currently suffer from a chronic illness, the severity of you would probably find that the severity and frequency of your symptoms would be reduced. This would reduce your feelings of pain and increase your ability to live the lifestyle that you wish (if your symptoms had been preventing you from doing so). Osteopathy will reduce the likelihood of your past injuries reoccurring if your osteopath continues to treat your old injury areas in a way that enhances the strength of the supporting structures around the old injury site.

You may want to consider continuing visiting your osteopath for an extended period of time in order to continue to reap the benefits that osteopathy brings you. This could simply be the fact that you enjoy the relaxation that you get during your osteopathic treatment or that you like the extra energy that you gain. In this way you may find that you incorporate osteopathy into your lifestyle. This could be particularly important to you if you use osteopathy as a preventative treatment for pain (such as back pain caused by driving a car or riding a horse for a living).

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