Subsequent Osteopathy Appointments

After you initial osteopathic treatment, subsequent appointments will usually be shorter. For example, if your initial appointment was 45 minutes then you could expect your subsequent treatments to be 30 minutes long.

Costs of Subsequent Visits

Osteopathic visits that you make subsequently to your first appointment will usually cost you less. This is mainly due to the fact that the appointment will be shorter, but it is also because your osteopath will need to do less diagnosis. This is especially the case if your subsequent visits are for a second lot of treatment on the same injury as your initial appointment. If you visit you osteopath for a different problem they will still need to do less work (less talking at the beginning of the appointment) as they will already know all about your past medical history, your lifestyle and your diet.

What to Expect During Subsequent Osteopathy Appointments

Subsequent osteopathy appointments will take a similar form to your initial appointment. After waiting in your local osteopath’s waiting area your osteopath will indicate to you when it is your turn to go in. They will want to have a quick chat with you to see how you felt you responded to the initial treatment and to check that there haven’t been any changes since your last appointment. During this time your osteopath will be keen to know if you thought their treatment was effective or if you would like them to do anything differently. It is really important that you let them know if there has been any change in your health. This includes any changes in your medication or any additional injuries that you may have picked up. Equally, let your osteopath know if you have found that the treatment had additional positive effects on your well being (such as a lower feeling of stress or increased energy level)....Your osteopath will always like to know that their treatment methods have helped you!

Once again you will be asked to carry out some simple movements so that your osteopath can see any change that has occurred in your injury site. Remember that you may need to remove some items of clothing to allow your osteopath to see the area of your body where you are experiencing problems. You will then be asked to stand, sit or lay down on the treatment table (depending on the area of your body requiring treatment) so that your osteopath can carry out a treatment method.

As before, your osteopath will talk to you throughout the appointment to ensure that you are following their treatment method and that you remain comfortable throughout. Once they have finished treating you they will, once again, be able to advice you as to how well your injury is responding to their treatment and how many (if any) more appointments they think that you require.

When you leave the treatment room you will need to pay for the treatment (unless you paid before you arrived) and possibly book your next appointment.

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